2004 Lake Michigan Diary

Once again a diary, but only to continue the record. This summer Mike and I are semi-retired so there may be a few more swims, but mostly the swims will be more often on week days. June 15, Tuesday, Evanston After several teasing entries into the water we finally had our first full swim to the wall and back today. The water warmed up early this year, already on May 12 we stopped by Foster Ave beach after a bike ride along the lake and the water was 59. But we didn't have caps or goggles so we did not really swim. On May 27 we hiked in the Indiana Dunes and the water was about 60 so we did swim a little, maybe 50 yards. Again at the Dunes June 6 the water was 65 by shore but only 60 further out but the activity of the day was kayak rescue practice. So in the water but no real swimming. Last week, June 8, we were here at Evanston on a great beach day expecting a nice swim but our equipment was not cooperating, Mike forgot his warm cap and my goggles broke so only halfway and back and even that was alot considering 59 degree water. Today we were prepared and the water had warmed to 61 so a full swim was required. The water was clear, we could see the bottom the whole way, and the lake seemed just a bit higher this time. But, being the first swim of the season, the wall seemed farther away than usual. By the time we were out it had clouded over and was quite cool. Also Mike hadn't brought coffee and the chick watching was sparse. So we went to Starbucks instead where all the conditions were better.

June 18, Friday, Evanston It was not supposed to be a nice day and I considered cancelling, but decided I needed the Lake swim anyway. It actually turned out to be a little nicer than last time. The water was 62 and a bit wavy. A bit unusual as the waves were from last night's north wind but today there was a moderate wind from the south. But the conditions were not too difficult. Unfortunately for our after swim beach time the weather just started to get nice when the briefcase booted us off the beach.

June 30, Wednesday, Evanston Mike had to work last week and the weekend was my 1500 meet so we didn't get to the lake. Rain early in the week. Today was a nice swim, but we were booted from the beach too early. So we sat on the grass right outside the barrier for a while. It was almost as nice, but we vowed to come earlier next time. Water is 64. During the week off the Tribune ran an article implying that the E-coli come from the sand and is probably concentrated in the shallow water of the surf zone right by the beach. Exactly where little kids like to play. Perhaps if the Park Districts would restrict the beaches to adults they would not need to close the water. In any case we have given up paying attention to the E-coli warnings since they are coming too often and probably don't apply to where we swim anyway.

July 2, Friday, Evanston Mike was not sure of the forcast so he called last night to see if I wanted to cancel. While they were predicting NE winds, they were expected to be rather light so I figured it would be OK. And it was better than OK. One foot waves were just enough to make the swim more Lake like and the 65 degrees with sun was perfect. I don't think it gets better than this, although Mike thought Wednesday was better. The NE breeze was just enough to keep the beach cool and fly-free. The only downer was that I came down with my alge infection from last year again.

July 5, Monday, Evanston A major rain Saturday threatened more rain Sunday morning so I suggested skipping the traditional July 4 swim. Another NE breeze day but today it was cloudy and the waves were more of the 2 foot variety. A bit of a tougher swim, especially the outbound leg. This was more like work, but not awful. Water temperature was 64 again. When we came at 7:30 the only people on the beach were an amorous couple under a blanket who had apparently spent the night. From the motions of the blanket it was clear they were not sleeping. They were still there when we returned they were still at it, she seemed eager to continue but the guy seemed beat. Perhaps swimming is not the only way to get a workout while lying down. We didn't stay long because it wasn't that nice out.

There will be no posting from now through at least June 21 since at least one of us will be out of town from now through then.

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